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6 R&B Songs for Your Milwaukee Wedding Playlist

An important part of wedding entertainment is selecting songs that keep both the couple and the guests happy. This is one of our missions here at Sweet Sounds of Music. Rhythm and Blues is one of the many styles of music our DJ Scott is experienced in and known for playing.

When it comes to music, rhythm and blues (Also known as R&B) is a genre of music with a wide variety of songs that you can choose from to grace your wedding day. Interested? Here’s a list of some R&B songs that you can include in your wedding playlist.

· On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men

This song brings a tear to many women’s eyes and is a great choice on the R&B list. You don’t have many songs better than this one when it comes to rhythm and blues.

· Ribbon In The Sky by Stevie Wonder

This classic by Stevie Wonder is among the greatest romantic hits of all time. Pick this one for your wedding to celebrate love.

· Together by Ruben Studdard

A part of his 2009 album “Love Is”, Together is a song declaring a man’s love for a woman and his desire to make her permanent in his life.

· Lately by Anita Baker

A familiar one to devoted R&B fans, this song from Anita Baker’s seventh studio album is a must-have for your wedding playlist.

· To Be Loved by Stacy Barthe

A song celebrating how positive love can make a person stronger both mentally and spiritually, what better way is there to celebrate your union but with this song.

· Real Love by Eric Benet

The lyrics say it all in this one: "We've got something real, real love, real love, real love, In a world full of make-believe, We got something real good/Real love, Yes, real love, I bet everything on you and me."

Here at Sweet Sounds of Music, the happiness and fun of you and your guests is our priority. Have you booked a DJ for your wedding in Milwaukee, Co yet? Why not let our DJ be the completion of your perfect wedding plan? My name is Scott, and when I play for you, I promise you every couple will be dancing the celebration away o the dancefloor! Contact us today!

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