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5 Tips for Choosing an Amazing Last Song

All the hard work that you’ve done for your wedding day culminates in one moment: The last dance. It will be such an emotional moment, and here at Sweet Sounds of Music, we think that the best way is to end it on a high note. To do that, you can’t just use just any song; you need a fantastic last song. In light of that, here are some tips from us on how to choose a tremendous last song for your wedding.

· Go Out with A Bang

Your last song on the day of your wedding should reflect your excitement to start your new life as a married couple. The moment doesn’t have to include fireworks, but a song with a fun lighters-in-the-air vibe is a must.

· Involve Your Guests

A song that gets everyone on their feet and singing along is a great one to end your wedding with. A wedding is about uniting two families, after all. What better way is there to signify this than by doing your last dance together?

· Choose Something Meaningful

A last dance song that is meaningful to you and your partner is a nice touch to such an emotional moment. An inside song that just you and your partner know is probably not so good for this moment because you want to involve your guests in it too.

· No to Sad Songs

If you’ve had a fun night and you end it with a slow, sad song, that could end up being the vibe that your guests remember about your wedding. Keeping it light and fun is a better way to cap things off. Especially if that’s the theme, you’ve gone with the whole day and want your guests to remember.

· Choose A Catchy Song

Picture your guests on their way home humming the song that you used as your last song. It’s a sure way for them to feel good about attending. They’ll also remember this song whenever they think about your wedding and keep feeling good about the experience.

If you’re looking for an amazing DJ that will hold your guests spellbound from your wedding march to your last song, you’re in the right place. Why not take the next step and reach out to us here at Sweet Sounds of Music? We’ll be waiting to discuss more when you do. Contact us today!

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