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5 Moments in Your Wedding Reception When Music is Necessary

Once the wedding ceremony is over, what comes next? Party time! A typical wedding reception is just about fun, fun, fun, and fun. From sweet moments, romantic moments, to the more emotional moments, a professional wedding DJ knows just how to set the stage and put your guests in the right mood with great music.

· When the Wedding Party Are Coming into The Reception Venue

This is when the bridal party and groomsmen are marching into the reception venue. At this point, the DJ will play some lively dance songs to mark the beginning of the celebration.

· When the Newlyweds Are Coming into The Reception Venue

The songs played here depend on the manner you enter the wedding reception venue. There is a perfect song for every entrance style, be it dramatic, romantic, etc. We advise you to discuss your wedding reception entrance strategy with your DJ.

· The First Dance of The Couple

This is quite a romantic and special moment as the newlyweds will be dancing for the first time as a married couple.

A professional DJ can set the tone of the moment to suit the personality of the couple, making the moment truly special. The songs should also set the right mood for the wedding guests as they feel the romance in the air.

· Groom with Mum/ Bride with Dad Dance Moments

This is quite an emotional moment for not just the couple but also for the parents of the couple as they would be saying goodbye to their children as they begin a new chapter in their life, with a new family.

Whether you want a love song or an emotional song, a gentle song, or a dance song, your wedding DJ will surely set the right mood for you.

· When the Dance Floor Is Open for All

It’s all about dancing, dancing, dancing at this point! This is where all your guests are invited to show off their dancing skills as they celebrate with you and your partner.

Your wedding DJ can arrange a ton of happy dance songs to set the mood, depending on the theme and style of the wedding.

If you seek a truly memorable and entertaining wedding reception, you definitely need a professional and experienced wedding DJ to deliver extraordinary entertainment services to you. I can be that DJ at your wedding. I am Scott, the best wedding DJ for your amazing and wondrous wedding ceremony! I will work with you to create a fun and memorable wedding experience that you won’t soon forget.

Contact me today for your wedding anywhere around Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Washington, and Walworth.

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