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5 Moments Only A Professional DJ Can Set the Tone

It is often said that ‘where words fail, music speaks.’ This to an extent is very true, especially at weddings. Words can hardly express emotions when one is extremely happy. It doesn’t take only a music genius to know that music is very necessary for weddings, the absence of which leaves almost nothing to be desired. Also, the wrong choice of music could make a wedding ceremony the capital of boredom.

Thus, only a professional DJ has the necessary and significant knowledge of what to do and what not to do in order to make the moments that are most important to the bride and groom worth remembering. And so, only a professional DJ can set the tone for the following moment.

  • The Prelude

This is the moment when guests are getting seated for the procession. The music should be calm and light, setting the mood for the ceremony without distracting the guests, as they are ushered to their respective seats.

  • Bridal Processional

This is one of the most important parts of the ceremony; one that gathers momentum. This is when everyone awaits that wonderful moment to stare in awe at how beautiful the bride looks and the pride etched across the groom’s face for calling her his wife.

Here, it is pertinent to choose a bridal processional song that will light the moment and wow the guests. Most DJs play Richard Wagner’s Bridal Chorus: “Here comes the Bride”.

  • The First Dance

This is the moment when the groom and bride will be given the opportunity to have their first dance as a couple. It is expected to be very sentimental and romantic. Therefore, to create a romantic ambiance, play romantic songs that will make everybody cherish the moment; especially, the couple.

In addition, it is important to play songs whose lyrics had been beautifully crafted to be meaningful or that which reminds you of moments shared together. Special moments like the song played on your first date, a lyric that describes and/or reminds you of each other, or a romantic song you wrote and recorded for your partner, etc.

  • Recessional

This is the moment when you exit the ceremony as husband and wife. We recommend that a lovely and instrumental song, signifies happiness, should be played.

  • The Party Starter

A professional DJ knows when to blare the sound through the speakers to get everyone into a party mood! That infamous moment when both the young and old get on their feet and dance the night away!

Albeit knowing this is important, what is most important is finding the right DJ for the job. At Sweet Sounds of Music, we are committed to providing you with the best and right music ambiance there is to cherish your happiest moments.

My name is Scott, and I’m the DJ pushing Sweet Sounds of Music to greater heights! There’s no other DJ like me, so if you want unique and exceptional wedding entertainment, simply click here to contact us.

Reach out to Sweet Sounds of Music today for endless wedding fun and entertainment. We are a professional wedding DJ company from Milwaukee, and we promise to keep you smiling from the beginning to the end of your event!

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