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Vendor Spotlight – Wild Wonder Photography

Sweet Sounds of Music is the best at creating great, ecstatic, joyful, and unforgettable moments at any wedding, but we also want these special moments to be perfectly captured in great wedding pictures too!

Nothing pleases us better than working with great photographers to capture and preserve special wedding moments. We work with some of the best photographers to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience on your special day. Join us as we welcome Wild Wonder Photography to this week’s exciting edition of our vendor spotlight series!

  • What makes her stand out from all other photographers in town?

Wild Wonder Photography is part of the few unique photography companies in Wisconsin. Lindsay, the founder, is known and loved by her clients for her outstanding services, creativity, and beautiful photoshoots.

She takes advantage of every little or big details in your wedding to create amazing photos. If there’s a unique moment at your wedding, Lindsay is sure to capture it.

When you want your love story captured in a unique manner, Wild Wonder Photography is definitely the wedding photography company for you.

  • What kinds of weddings does she photograph?

Any kind of wedding, big or small, Lindsay takes pride and joy in taking photos and documenting the life, special moments, the raw emotions couples express, and the wonderful sight of seeing their friends and loved ones celebrating with them on such a special and joyous day. She ensures that every wonderful memory at your wedding is preserved for eternity.

Taking about a year to explore, study, and learn the wonders of photography, Lindsay learned from some of the best photographers around the country, and their works inspire her greatly.

As an artist and a storyteller, Lindsay prides her self in documenting her clients' special day in the most special of ways, all the while working in tandem with the style and theme of your wedding.

We reiterate, she can handle any kind of wedding, be it traditional, formal, vintage, indie, casual, creative, black tie, classic, simple, etc.

  • Does she have specific photography packages?

Lindsay believes that no two weddings or love stories are the same and for that reason, she doesn't have a fixed package for everyone. Rather, she listens to your individual love stories and captures every moment accordingly.

If you’re a unique, stylish, and creative couple in search of a photographer to capture your pure emotions in a unique and memorable manner, Wild Wonder Photography will customize their photography services to perfectly suit your needs and personality.

Lindsay’s emotional responses, exuberance, and ingenuity during your wedding are what truly makes her different from other Wisconsin wedding photographers.

While choosing the perfect photographer to capture those special moments at your wedding, why not let Sweet Sound of Music help you and your guests create those special and memorable moments?

If you need an outstanding Wisconsin DJ to handle the entertainment on your big day, I will happily be of service. My name is Scott, and I like to see myself as Wisconsin’s only true DJ!

I create fun and lasting memories at your wedding by providing the best personalized and customized DJ services for you!

Contact me today for a unique wedding experience!

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