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Vendor Spotlight - Sweet Perfections

Just as I love great music, I also love great cakes and desserts and great weddings too, of course. For this reason, I always strive to work with only the best vendors in the wedding industry to ensure the smooth running and success of your event.

Sweet Perfections, owned by Ken and Peggy Heil, is a great bakery I’ve worked with in Wisconsin and is definitely one of my most favorite.

Sweet Sounds of Music welcomes them this week in yet another vendor spotlight blog!

  • What features make them stand out from other bakeries?

Sweet Perfections is one Wisconsin bakery that stays true to its name no matter the time or season. They are known for the delicious wonders that flow out of their bakery each day.

They provide a variety of freshly-baked specialty products at their customers’ special events.

They also have a number of professional staff with decades of experience in baking and similar culinary arts and who are dedicated to delivering high-quality products.

Their superior customer service also makes them stand out among other bakeries.

  • What kind of wedding cakes do they specialize in?

When it comes to wedding cakes, a visit to Sweet Perfections will surely leave you impressed. They are popularly known for their beautiful and delicious traditional wedding cakes as well as their gorgeous custom-made wedding cakes. Their wedding cakes are purely magical and extraordinary.

Apart from wedding cakes, they also provide other wedding-related cakes like the groom’s cake, bridal shower cakes, etc.

Their desserts are truly one of a kind too! They produce a variety of desserts like Miniature French Pastries, French Macarons, cookies, Gourmet Cupcakes, torte slices, and lots more. Simply name what you want and it will be provided.

  • Do they offer their clients any summer specials?

Every season, Sweet Perfections offer their customers a variety of tasty seasonal cakes and desserts to suit the season.

This summer, they are offering several delicious and magnificent summer specials, some of which include their custom-made blue Hawaiian, Wisconsin cream, Pina colada, pink lemonade, strawberry daiquiri, margarita, and butter cut-outs cookies. There are also the mini French macarons, DIY cake and cookie kit, mini éclairs, and cream puffs.

If you need an exceptional Wisconsin DJ to properly entertain you and your guests on your special day, Sweet Sound of Music will gladly be at your service.

My name is Scott, and I create fun and exciting memories at your wedding with unmatched talent, skills. and experience! I work closely with my clients to provide the best of personalized DJ services for them. Click here for a fun and unforgettable wedding occasion.

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