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What Style of Music Should I Play at My Wedding?

Have you ever wondered on the kind of music to play your wedding? Or perhaps considered your guests or family members might have a different music preference to either you or your partner.

The music choice at the wedding ceremony is often the first impression people will get on your wedding day. The choice of songs at the event will determine the atmosphere and style. Needless to say, it’s quite important you get the music and songs right.

So, listed out below are a few things to consider when deciding on the type of music you want at your wedding.

  • Ceremony and Venue

Before you choose songs for your wedding, consider the ceremony and venue the event will take place. If you are hosting a traditional ceremony in a religious place, you may be restricted to playing only certain religious music.

  • The DJ

You might also have to consider who will be performing the wedding music. Are you hiring a DJ? Browse online to get ideas of the most popular wedding songs within your region and for the demography of your guests.

Your DJ has the responsibility of keeping the party going at your wedding and ensuring the dance floor is packed! They have better experience of knowing what works and what doesn’t, thus, they should be able to see if the gusts don’t like a particular song and know what to substitute it with.

After all, the goal is to get your guests on their feet at the end of reception, isn’t it? You should also consider that some bands will only play their own genre while DJs are open to opinions from the guests and varieties, so always go for the latter!

A mix of popular new music with few oldies will go down well with most crowds. And if you belong to any religious or cultural group, you can also let your DJ know.

Wedding music is always a great addition to your day because the right music means a fun celebration that will leave you with fond and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. From searching for inspiration to curating all the favorite songs for your wedding playlist, here are a few final things to consider.

  • Familiarize yourself with the basics

  • Start with the big songs

  • Think about your wedding style

  • Make sure it sounds cohesive

  • Sample out your DJ

But whatever it is, don't get stressed about the choice of music for your wedding, because I’ll handle it all for you. My name is Scoot, a wedding DJ who’s ahead of the game!

At Sweet Sounds of Music from Milwaukee , we always add a flair and fire to your wedding day that other DJs can’t!

When we play at your wedding, wonderful memories will be forged and the entire ceremony will be all the more special for that. Simply click here to contact us or send us an email here: You can also call us here: 414-315-8747,

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