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3 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Ceremony

Walking down the aisle, saying your wedding vows, spelling out the big two words “I Do” – those are the moments you’re planning the entire wedding for. Those are the memorable, magical minutes of pure bliss you will remember again and again as years fly by. Of course, you want to make sure your wedding is perfect from all points of view.

But more importantly, you will want to make sure that it absolutely unique, and that they truly reflect your personality. So how do you add personality to your wedding? Here are a few tips from us at Sweet Sounds of Music.

  • Choose A Beautiful Location

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. And it doesn’t have to be outdoors if you want a religious ceremony. But it should definitely be something that bears significance for you – such as the church you used to go to as a child, or the church where your mom and dad got married. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding ceremony, make sure the surroundings look pretty – regardless of what kind of landscape or waterscape it may be, the surrounding area should complement the grandeur of the moment.

  • Write Your Own Wedding Vows

If you are planning on having a religious ceremony, this might not be possible for certain religious denominations (i.e. Catholics have to say the traditional wedding vows). However, if that is the case, you can always include a brief speech during the reception to say your own wedding vows.

  • Pick Meaningful Songs

Your entire wedding should be embraced by music – even when you’re saying your wedding vows, there should be dimmed down music in the background. Make sure you go for songs, that have a special meaning for you as a couple! Sure, your DJ has a great playlist, but he’ll be more than ready to receive your input for the day too.

Looking for the very best wedding specialists in Milwaukee? Meet Scott, our awesome DJ here at Sweet Sounds of Music. He’s talented and dedicated and more than ready to help to make your perfect wedding come true – so you will never regret hiring us! You can call us at 414-315-8747, and leave us an email at

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