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2 Ways to The Pick Perfect Songs for Your Wedding Day

There are so many wonderful elements that make up a wedding ceremony, these special little details combine to make up a spectacular day. They are the things to pay proper attention to and some of them are the songs for your wedding day. Well here are some tips from us at Sweet Sounds of Music. So, are you ready? Grab a sit and let’s talk about picking perfect songs for your wedding day.

  • Meaningful Songs

From here, you can think about songs that represent key stages in your relationship. These can tie in to all different kinds of sentimental moments for you - the song played at your first date, any concerts or artists that you’ve seen together, lyrics that mean something to you, or the songs that you always play together in the car.

  • Involve Your Guests

If you’re drawing up your playlist, you could even get your guests involved and get their contributions too. Get in touch with them and ask them to suggest one or two songs that are their personal favorites and really mean something to them. You could also add this as a special twist to your RSVPs.

Another route to go is the family route. What are the songs that are really special to your parents? Ask them what song they had their first dance to? Or, you could even ask your parents the same questions that you asked yourself above!

The above steps will help fill your reception with life and energy, in a way that is truly unique to you as a couple. Throughout the evening, the music that fills the venue will provide a beautiful testament to you both - a playlist filled with stories, moments and fun. Also remember that you need to give your DJ enough reign to also do their thing and impress you and your guests.

If you are looking for the best DJ for your wedding, then look no further. I am Scott, music maestro and DJ extraordinaire! I can’t wait to meet you and show you what i can do to help make your wedding a fun and remarkable one.

We’re based in Milwaukee, and you can call us at 414-315-8747, and leave us an email at

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