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5 Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing

One important part of wedding receptions is dancing and it’s a part that guests usually look forward too. My name is Scott and I’m an experienced and talented DJ with reviews that show that guests enjoy themselves and the music at the events I handle. Drawing from the wealth of my experience, here are a few tips on how to keep your dance floor full and lively at your wedding.

  • Dance First

Get your guests excited and ready for the party by first taking to the dance floor with your spouse. It’s the natural progression and also has the advantage of spurring the shy ones to join in to prove that they can do it too. You can have your first dance, then the parent dances, the wedding party can join in and then everybody can then jump on and have wild fun.

  • Picture A Buildup Situation

People won't just jump right to bursting out moves from the get-go like they’re in the club. There’ll even be a difference in the ages on the dance floor as people from the older generation will start earlier in the evening and then take a break. The younger generation will be taking over much later.

  • Take Requests

Requests are a great way to keep your guests involved in your wedding entertainment and can help keep them happy and interested. Just be sure to leave it to my discretion as your DJ too, the key is for everyone one to work together which creates togetherness and a bigger party.

  • Comfortable Dance Shoes

Your female guests will thank you for it. Wearing towering stilettos all day will have an impact on their involvement on the dance floor. Having comfortable shoes that your guests could switch into for dancing can be just the right way to get them interested in dancing.

  • Trust Your DJ

If you find an amazing DJ like me who has lots of wedding experience, you can relax – I know how to read a crowd and choose a playlist that will appeal to both young and old. So, while you can suggest perhaps 10 songs that you like (and don’t like) as a guide, I’ll know on your wedding night exactly what works best for you and your guests.

Sweet Sounds of Music is experienced when it comes to good wedding entertainment and we’d love to hear from you concerning your wedding. We’re based in Milwaukee, and you can call us at 414-315-8747, and leave us an email at

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