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2 Ways to Increase Fun at Your Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are supposed to be fun. An event with family and friends smiling and laughing, and the music playing in the background should be. But what happens when you are at a wedding where most people are strangers, everyone minds their business, and no one is communicating with anyone? Awkward right?

That's why we thought we'd talk about it. Here are two tips that have proven useful in relieving the tension and turning guests into chatterboxes at weddings.

  • Fun Games

Introducing games to liven up a wedding reception party is an easy way to get your guests laughing and relaxed. You can pair two strangers to play a simple guess game. There is also the wedding shoe game where the couple is seated with their backs turned to each other. They hold one leg of their shoe and one leg of their partner's shoe. A series of questions will be asked, and the bride or groom answers the question by holding up the shoe of the correct person. There are many games you can come up with. Just make sure it carries everyone along and reduces the tension in the room.

  • A Table Dance Off

The rules of table dance-offs are simple. Choose songs for as many tables you have at the venue, and when a particular table hears the song chosen for their table, they have to show off some serious dance moves. The MC or DJ must announce the song for each table for this to work. You could also have the song given to the members of the table.

A good DJ is one of the requirements for a fun atmosphere at your wedding. An experienced DJ knows how to choose the right music and affect the mood of the people present. That's the kind of DJ that you'll get here at Sweet Sound of Music. We are located in Milwaukee, and you can call us at 414-315-8747. Better still, how about leaving us an email at We would love to discuss this with you. Give us a call today!

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