Vendor Spotlight – Strawberry Creek Club

Having your wedding at Strawberry Creek Club is an option you really have to consider when scouting for your wedding venue in Wisconsin. They are a great wedding venue in Wisconsin, and I love working there as much as couples love hosting their wedding there. Join me in welcoming them this week as the stars of our weekly vendor spotlight series! What amenities are available at their wedding venue? The scenery at the club is simply amazing and breathtaking. The venues and ceremony spaces are quite beautiful and have all the necessary amenities you need for a memorable wedding celebration. There’s something here for you regardless of whether you’re planning a grand ceremony or an intimate one.

2 Ways to The Pick Perfect Songs for Your Wedding Day

There are so many wonderful elements that make up a wedding ceremony, these special little details combine to make up a spectacular day. They are the things to pay proper attention to and some of them are the songs for your wedding day. Well here are some tips from us at Sweet Sounds of Music. So, are you ready? Grab a sit and let’s talk about picking perfect songs for your wedding day. Meaningful Songs From here, you can think about songs that represent key stages in your relationship. These can tie in to all different kinds of sentimental moments for you - the song played at your first date, any concerts or artists that you’ve seen together, lyrics that mean something to you, or the songs

Vendor Spotlight - Terrace 167

At Sweet Sound of Music, we take having fun very seriously, and we are also very much aware that to enjoy the fun at your wedding maximally, you need every other aspect of your wedding to be just as perfect as the entertainment. As a wedding DJ, I normally work with some great vendors that I’ll happily recommend to my clients anytime. Terrace 167 is an event venue located at Richfield, Wisconsin, and it’s always a pleasure when I get to work with hem. Join me in welcoming them this week in my vendor spotlight series! What features are included in their venue? Terrace 167 is a beautiful event venue that was established in the year 2016. The well-planned venue was specifically designed to prov

9 Music Genre’s for Your Wedding

Here at Sweet Sound of Music, we enjoy bringing fantastic music and entertainment alongside unmatched service, through our experienced and professional DJ entertainers to weddings. For this post, we’d like to share with you the various categories of music that you could have at your wedding with at least a song from each type. Ready? Read on to see them. The Classics They are essential because they bring a softer swing to the dancefloor, you’ll need a couple of these for nostalgia and to make your grandma happy. An example is “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. Country Music Country music is also a vast genre that you can request for at your wedding. From ballads to the songs that

2 Ways to Increase Fun at Your Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are supposed to be fun. An event with family and friends smiling and laughing, and the music playing in the background should be. But what happens when you are at a wedding where most people are strangers, everyone minds their business, and no one is communicating with anyone? Awkward right? That's why we thought we'd talk about it. Here are two tips that have proven useful in relieving the tension and turning guests into chatterboxes at weddings. Fun Games Introducing games to liven up a wedding reception party is an easy way to get your guests laughing and relaxed. You can pair two strangers to play a simple guess game. There is also the wedding shoe game where the coupl

5 Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing

One important part of wedding receptions is dancing and it’s a part that guests usually look forward too. My name is Scott and I’m an experienced and talented DJ with reviews that show that guests enjoy themselves and the music at the events I handle. Drawing from the wealth of my experience, here are a few tips on how to keep your dance floor full and lively at your wedding. Dance First Get your guests excited and ready for the party by first taking to the dance floor with your spouse. It’s the natural progression and also has the advantage of spurring the shy ones to join in to prove that they can do it too. You can have your first dance, then the parent dances, the wedding party can join

15 Pop Music Songs for Your Romantic Wedding

To set the mood for your wedding, there are certain types of music that you need. From your walk down the aisle to when you both exit your reception together as a newly married couple, Sweet Sounds of Music is ready to entertain you and your guests. Now, every wedding is unique so the songs that you choose for your ceremony are largely a matter of personal preference. It could be a tune personal to both you and your spouse or a special song that gets you in your feels whenever you listen to it. You could also choose a song with lyrics that express exactly what you both want to say to each other. Then there are also the songs that your DJ uses to keep your wedding lively and fun. Whatever son

4 Alternatives Wedding Dances You Should Incorporate at Your Wedding

We've come a long way from the days when the Father-daughter dance was one of the most commonly scheduled wedding dances beloved by many. It is still requested for regularly, but it may not work for everyone. These days, families come in all shapes and sizes, so we've come up with some fresh takes on dancing that you can tailor to suit you and your family on your wedding day. The Generation Dance This is one of the dances that you can choose to pay tribute to marriage through the years at your reception. The way it works is simple; our DJ will invite all the couples to the dance floor. After some time, our DJ will ask all the couples married for less than a year to exit the dance floor. This

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